The online world continues to grow and extend into all areas of our lives including that of our students. As young people inevitably spend considerable time connected to the internet it is important for parents and carers to be up to date with information on how to best support children online such that they may participate safely, learn distraction free, and learn effectively.

Barker has partnered with YSafe, specialists in child and adolescent Cybersafety, for years and they have already been on campus to work with the students. In August, David from YSafe will be presenting at an evening event directed primarily to parents of students in Years 5-9. As cybersafety experts, they are well equipped to explain to parents the apps that children are most commonly using, and the steps that parents can take to support safe practices online. With new apps becoming popular with young people each month, it is invaluable to parents to be informed of the current trends and age-appropriate responses.

This will be an on-campus, in-person event. Reply now to secure your seat.