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The current iteration of the Barker Journey study will end in 2028 when Barker's first fully coeducational cohort to progress from Year 3 to Year 12 concludes their schooling.

Concluding 2022 was an important milestone - the culmination of the Barker Junior School Journey (Year 3 2019- Year 6 2022) - which has been reported in an important publication presenting analysis of the data so far. However the Journey and therefore the research is by no means complete. The project continues with the Year 7 cohort of 2023, now incorporating a whole group of students new to Barker College who are commencing their Journey through the Barker College Secondary School. We look forward to hearing these students voices, and sharing their stories, to continue to understand the needs, and achievements, of schooling in the third decade of the 21st century.


The Barker Journey research project captures a longitudinal student perspective on learning.

Recording students' voice, the project helps to identify what the next generation of students’ value and contributes to mapping what effective learning and teaching may look like in the future.

While the generation that constitutes the current Barker Journey cohort are still revealing their own key attributes and characteristics, social research has identified five emergent traits: global, digital, mobile, social and visual. This information has implications for how education might develop to meet this generations’ needs authentically.

Research Questions

  • What will schools need to do to meet authentically the educational needs of this generation and the next? 
  • How does the current generation of student perceive learning and what does this current generation of student expect of their school experience? 
  • How does the Barker educational journey shape this generation? 

Selected Projects & Writings