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Welcome to the precious pages of our literary journal, Noteworthy! This publication serves as a sanctuary of thought-provoking narratives and profound reflections, offering a respite and hope in a world where the encroaching shadows of artificial intelligence loom. Within these works, our students embark on a literary journey that celebrates the enduring power of the human spirit and experience. For it is here, in the realm of literature, philosophy, and artistic expression, that we find a beacon of hope amidst the uncertain future.

Within the pages of Noteworthy, I find solace in the triumph of the human spirit. Through the artistic expressions, philosophical musings, and literary marvels contained herein, this edition invites you to embark on a literary journey of the human experience. It is through the vibrant student voices of Barker College that we rediscover hope, inspiration, and the enduring essence of our shared humanity.

Laura Craven - Head of English

Karina Ware - Editor of Noteworthy