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The Barker Institute is undertaking research projects that will provide research-informed practical advice and guidance to educational practitioners and leaders about coeducation.

Many of these projects relate to the efficacy of the transition from a single-sex school to a PreK-Year 12 coeducational environment and the impact this change has had on the academic development and wellbeing of students. Excellence in boys’ education, girls’ education and coeducation are all relevant to the coeducation research domain.


2022 marks the first year in its 132 year history that Barker College will be co-educational from PreK to Year 12, across the Hornsby, Darkinjung, Ngarralingayil and Dhupuma campuses.

This important milestone in Barker’s story presents an opportunity to investigate the way in which transition to coeducation has had an impact on student wellbeing and learning outcomes, tracking the effect of the transition to coeducation from the beginning.

Barker seeks to provide a quality educational environment that meets the needs of boys and girls in every capacity and this goal means there is a priority to be assigned to understanding more deeply how an effective co-educational environment operates.

Research Questions

  • What impact has the transition from a single-sex to a co-educational environment had on teaching and learning? 
  • How does coeducation meet the educational needs of the current student generation? 
  • How does our knowledge of teaching boys and girls best help us teach well in any classroom? 

Selected Projects & Writings