Learning about the common language of friendship - a commitment to creating a culture of kindness.


Attached is an article published in The Barker T4 2023. This will provide a summary of the information for 2024.

Over recent years, the Junior School has developed a partnership with URSTRONG. The common language of friendships and the wealth of teaching and learning resources, provide Junior School teachers with a scope and sequences of target material to support the children as they build connections, explore skills and engage in learning to prepare them to make and maintain healthy relationships.

UR Strong Article -The Barker #141

Martin Conway

With experience in primary education over 25 years in the independent school sector, Martin has a deep passion for student care, working with students, educators, and families to support school and learning culture. Since 2017, Martin has served as the Director of Students in the Junior School sharing his commitment to cultivating a school where safety is number one, kindness is number two, mining the richness that is shared in our common values and a values education to inform teaching and learning motivated by love and service. For Martin, serving in education is a calling, a privilege, and a gift to share with all.