On a cold and wet Monday evening, a group of Year 7 students and their families demonstrated long-term thinking by investing in a seminar on effective study habits for Barker students. Dr Matthew Hill drew on his research and experience teaching at Barker and at universities to present a series of thought-provoking aspects of study skills. Families had the opportunity to discuss each of them and put them into practice.

The session’s talking points included:

  1. Understanding habit development
  2. Location, location, location
  3. Scheduling for success
  4. The why and how of using a diary
  5. Types of study
  6. Maximising memory
  7. Momentum: Show up and start

Resources for Barker families include:

  1. Selected Slides from the presentation
  2. Barker College Year 7 Formal Assessment Manual
  3. Soft Copy Homework Planner (for download)
  4. Barker Institute Journal Article – Understanding our Successful Learners
  5. Barker Institute Journal Article –2017 HSC Results: How to pass on their success to their successors
  6. Information and links regarding FamilyZone at Barker which allows parents to support their children’s device use through boundaries and automated restrictions.

Dr Matthew Hill

Dr Matthew Hill is the Director of The Barker Institute with a focus on professional learning, research, and innovation in the school.  He teaches Physics and the new Science Extension course at the School which introduces students to scientific academic research. Matthew's doctorate reflects his passion for science education focussing on Representational Fluency amongst physics students at school and university. He has published in leadership, education, and science journals and been involved in course development and teaching at The University of Sydney and The University of Western Sydney. He has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Divinity at Ridley College in Melbourne.