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Indigenous Education

The Barker Institute is undertaking research projects that provides research-informed practical advice and guidance to educational practitioners and leaders about Indigenous Education.

Our Purpose

The aim of these projects is to contribute to the capacity of educational practitioners and leaders to develop an educational environment where Indigenous children can access the Australian education curriculum from within the safety and security of their own cultural identity which they receive as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


Barker College stands alongside many other educational institutions in being thoroughly committed to supporting Indigenous students in all aspects of their education, and in recognising, celebrating and supporting their cultural identities.

At Barker this work takes place at the Hornsby, Darkinjung, Ngarralingayil and Dhupuma campuses. Genuine and meaningful learning opportunities for non-Indigenous students on curriculum-related Indigenous issues and intercultural understanding are also provided.

Barker’s leadership in the area of Indigenous Education has provided an opportunity to further investigate what approaches to schooling can best support the educational needs of First Nations students, and what schools can do to equip their teachers to be the most effective in supporting Indigenous students in their classrooms.

Research Questions

  • In what ways does education on country, especially primary schooling on country, best meet the needs of the current Indigenous Australian generation? 
  • How can intercultural intelligence and competency be developed in teachers to empower First Nations students to achieve goals relating to their studies, their identity and their life after school? 
  • How might schools best design and implement authentic and impactful intercultural learning in the context of Indigenous Education? 

Selected Projects & Writings