This week in the Junior School, we commenced a pilot program with interested staff.

The Confident Parent Course was developed by Dr Jenny Brown based on a family systems approach, where focusing on managing yourself can affect change in the family and support your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

The course invites you to consider the positive outcomes for children when the parent is the project.

  • In shifting the focus back to yourself without blame, through reflection and parenting by principles, this creates developmental space for children, which can improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • This course is based upon family systems approach, where when one part of the family system shifts, this can impact the whole environment.
  • This course will not give you tactics or tips for how to parent, rather some great principles you can use to reflect on your parenting, including what’s in your control, where is your energy directed, and redirecting your worry.
  • There are no quick fixes here. The last part of this series is about playing the long-term game in your parenting.
  • Often when we start adjusting ourselves, changing our reactions, setting our parenting “I” position, children can push back against this.
  • Sticking it out will help play the long game of building resilience in your children, building your confidence in your role as a parent, and contribute to a calmer, less worried family life.

The course is relevant for all age groups, and will run over 4 weeks:

  1. Where is my energy directed?
  2. Is worry driving my connection?
  3. How do I hold clear limits?
  4. Am I thinking big picture?

We are so blessed by our parent community at Barker. We are hopeful that this course will be part of a toolkit of resources available to you as you seek to grow your wonderful young men and women. Keep an eye out for the Barker Institute events in Term 3.

How to talk to your kids about Gendered Violence

Your children and young people may be seeing news headlines about the shocking numbers of men harming women and they may have questions or want to talk about violence against women and children.

You may be wondering how you can help your child develop the attitudes and skills they need to have healthy and respectful relationships throughout their lives.

There are many things parents and carers can do to help the children and young people in their lives develop healthy ideas about gender and relationships. Please read a great article and 7 ways to model it here.

Lisa Chalmers

Lisa Chalmers is the Director of Health & Wellbeing at Barker College. Lisa holds a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing). Lisa has previously worked at the United World College of SEA in Singapore as Matron/Assistant House Parent (Boarding) and has fulfilled both nursing and public health roles in Dublin, Fiji and Melbourne. Lisa has lived in Sydney since 2008 working at NCIRS in vaccine research, UNSW (Lowy) in brain tumour research and co-ordinating a rare disease project across Australia. Lisa has been working at Barker since 2017 and loves her diverse role in caring for both the acute health care needs of our students but also educating and empowering them to carry lifelong good health care and wellbeing behaviours into their lives beyond the Mint Gates.